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BERGAMONT E-Cargoville Bakery 2021

About the Bergamont E-Cargoville Bakery

Can this really carry a lot?
You betcha. With a total system weight of 160kg this bike can be your shopping bike, delivery bike, and because the rack is compatible with THULE branded child seats, you can even use it to take the kids to nursery.

Doesn't it feel unwieldy?
Not at all. What makes this much more agile than it might otherwise have been is the Bosch Performance motor. This is a strong motor that came from electric mountain bikes, so it's use to galloping up steep, rocky tracks. On the urban tarmac, this power translates to agility and carrying power.
The Bergamont frames, which typically have a low centre of gravity are also a key factor here. Keeping the weight as low to the floor as possible gives you a feeling of control. See how the front wheel is smaller than the back? This allows that front basket to sit lower on the front end, again keeping the weight as low as possible. The combo of power and stability will help you feel confident riding this as your everyday vehicle.

What we love about the E-Cargoville Bakery
Sometimes it's the little things that make you happy. This bike comes with a proper centre stand, not just a sidestand. It means you can stand your bike up in a stable manner, even with a load. Over the years we've seen many heavy bikes come with weak stands. Not the case with this beauty.
The other thing we like are the Big Ben tyres. It's one of the nice things about e-bikes; you can have a wider, more useful, more comfortable tyre than a conventional bike could handle. They make for a lovely, smooth ride.

Summary: If you're worried that cargo e-bikes are too big to handle, fear not. The E-Cargoville Bakery is an e-bike that could truly transform the way you live.

4 499,00 €